Penny Auctions Guide

How Propennyauction Seat Auctions works

Propennyauction gives you the opportunity to get exclusive products at incredible prices and also with different types of auction.


Propennyauction Seat Auctions Guide

The particularity of seat auctions are that it have a limited number of seats availables, and only users with a bought seat can bid on it.


Buying a seat into a Propennyauction seat Action

It is so easy, only have to clic on the BUY SEAT buttom, and you will go to confirmation page to buy the seat. Each auction seat have a different price that you will pay with bids.


¿When the seat auction Starts?

When all minimum seats are sold, the countdown begins with 24 hours left, you will receibe an email that the auction countdown starts, and you will can start to place any bid. The auctions in that you have bought a seat have a purple color, so its easy for you to locate it.


You can know how many users have bought a seat in your Auction

In the auction details page, you can check the users that have bought a seat in the auction.


Bids needed to do a bid into an Auction

Each auction show you the amount of bids that will consume of your account to do a bid.


Activate your Propennyauction Asistant

To activate your Propennyauction Assistant only have to go auction details page, and you will see the assistant box, insert on it the amount of bids that you want your assistant do for you, and activate it. Your assistant will now bid you until you win or the maximum bids amount configured are exceded.


Buy now Propennyauction System

You can easily buy the product in any moment, the numbers of bids you have done will be subtracted for the item retail price, so you will do not loose any money.


Win an Auction

Congratulations, now its the moment to checkout the auction final price and receibe more Propennyauction points. Pay your auction and choose between receibe the product or get the retail price value in cash.

Enjoy the Propennyauction Auctions World.

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